PR III Series

Reliable handling, increased profitability

The PR III individual sorting unit represents a complete automation solution, which is used to further enhance the profitability of AMADA punch presses and laser machines.

The PR III series removes components fully automatically. A highlight is the simple, external programming to stack production parts by integrating the complete cycle into the AMADA CAD/CAM software package. The highly accurate part stacking enables fully automated down-stream processing, such as robotic bending.

Profitable production is made possible by the high level of automation.Contributing to this are the three servo axes, which ensure the high positioning speeds of the individual sorting unit, as well as the idle position in close proximity to the machine: Both factors increase machine run time by minimizing idle time.

The handling for a variety of materials is performed by individually controlled suction grippers. The vacuum technology and the minimal release height ensure reliable and careful handling of the material. The PR III can therefore also be used for complex production parts and materials with sensitive surfaces.

At any time, the modular concept of all AMADA automation components permits subsequent upgrades to an already existing machine by a PR III unloading system. The PR III UL configuration is available to remove residual scrap and parts attached to micro-tabs.


  • High profitability
  • Maximized machine run times
  • Precise stacking permits automated down-stream processing
  • Reliable handling of various materials