Servo-electric Punch Drive

World-leading energy efficiency: The servo-electric drives from AMADA

Never before has energy efficiency been discussed in the context of environmental protection with as much intensity as today - the AMADA Group has been raising the bar in this regard for years, and, with the its servo-electrical punch drives, has brought a pioneering technology to the market. These drives demonstrate that successful, innovative and primarily efficient sheet-metal processing in no conflicts with environmental protection objectives. To the contrary - both sides incur substantial benefits through the use of these technologies.

The drive is notably more powerful than with conventional servo motors: In comparison to conventional drives, the motor produces three times the operating power and a five-fold increase in torque.

In total, the servo-electrical drives from AMADA makes:

  • Minimal energy demand (during standby as well as production)
  • Low noise emission
  • Smooth operation
  • Low wear
  • Minimal maintenance


These benefits result in remarkable precision, high process speeds, low noise emissions and a maximum in flexibility for AMADA punch presses.