Environmental protection

Industry and environment require innovative solutions that meet the ecological and economic challenges into account today. AMADA has recognized this trend years ago and consistently focusing on the research and development of visionary art technologies. Our products stand for modern and future-oriented technologies, productivity, responsibility, competence and vision together.

Our daily operations are focussed on:

  • Reducing discharges of CO2 through the life cycles of our products
  • Driving energy and resource savings into our business processes to reduce discharge of CO2
  • Effective use of limited natural resources
  • Enhancing our efforts against regulated chemicals
  • Prevention of pollution and global warming
  • Promoting the growing of "Amada's Forest" that contributes to preserving biodiversity

The following eco marks symbolizes the Amada Group's environmental products:

Eco Products

This mark, centering on the color green for environmental protection, uses the two letters "E" and "P" of Eco Products to visually represent the seed leaves that will produce fresh greenery in the future.


This mark indicates:

  • Cutting fluids are chlorine-free
  • No usage of chemicals controlled under the PRTR notifications 
Energy-Saving Machine

This mark indicates that a machine is an "energy-saving machine" that uses less energy than conventional models.  

Resource-Saving Machine

This mark indicates that a machine is a "resource-saving machine" that uses less oil than conventional models.